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Boulder Colorado is rich with character and charm!


A happy client is the best client!

We have closed many successful sales representing the buyer, seller and sometimes both sides of the transaction. We understand that each purchase or sale comes with its own unique challenges and we are prepared to walk our clients through each stage providing honest advice and minimizing stress.

While we specialize in Boulder because it is where we live, we also have the pleasure of working in the Denver Metro and Foothills areas. No matter where you are, we would be happy to assist you with your real estate needs!


Living & Serving the Boulder Area

The City of Boulder was developed from the inside, out, and as a result has strong variations from neighborhood to neighborhood. Even amongst those that border one another, homes can be radically different styles and therefore prices. Having lived in Boulder over 25 years, both John and Karen have an in depth understanding of each area and its assets.

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A Happy client is our favorite client